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If you would like to submit to Magazine Americana, send an explanatory email to and attach the article you would like to be considered to that email. Please make sure your article conforms to the following:
1) We consider shorter op-ed style work and longer feature articles.
2) Articles should be written in journalistic style. In other words,
citations should be included in the body of the text. There should be
no parenthetical references or a works cited page.
3) Articles should be targeted to a mainstream reader.
4) Articles must examine American popular culture (1900-present).
5) We do not publish profanity, gratuitously violent, or erotic work. If the material is not vital to your argument, cut it. If it is, you may consider submitting it elsewhere or eliding it with hyphens.
There is no deadline. Magazine Americana is published on a revolving schedule.


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