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We accept fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, hybrid work, and beyond. Genre is less important than work that speaks for itself, and if you don’t want to label it, neither will we. We like experimentation, we like innovation, but most of all we like quality work that excites and ignites. Distill it, break it down, build it up, and abandon it. Make us feel, think, laugh, cry, cringe, crumble, and tumble. 
We are committed to creating and sustaining a community of writers who support each other. There are two open submission months each year and the remaining months require a small reading fee to help make the world go round. It also means we can pay our writers, because paying writers is important. Accepted submissions receive a twenty dollar honorarium, and we hope to offer more in the future. 
We are a small operation, and publish work as often as our lives (and wallets!) allow. Sometimes it takes us longer than we’d like to get to your work, but you’re always welcome to drop us a line - sometimes it’s the gentle nudge we need. Word count ranges from 1 to 5,000, but if it’s over 5,000 send us a note first. And really, we prefer things under 1500. Similarly, if your submission contains or is contained by images, sound, or video, let us know prior to submitting. If we can figure out how to support it on the site, we will.
We do not accept previously published work, and by submitting to pioneertown you agree that your work is original and unpublished. Simultaneous submissions are fine, but let us know if it’s been accepted elsewhere. You are giving pioneertown rights to publish your work online and in any subsequent pioneertown print publications, but you retain all copyrights to your work. Should your work be published elsewhere, please credit pioneertown with initial publication. Finally, if we've previously accepted your work please consider the many other brilliant literary publications out there for future pieces. If we want to publish more of your words on pioneertown, we'll let you know.  


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