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Got something to show us? Send it in!

We’re always on the lookout for great new writing — stories that whisk you away no matter the genre.
If you’ve been sitting on a book for years, send it to us. If you’ve been pestering your friends to read your novel, send it to us. Wrote a novel in a month? Fantastic. Send that too. We want you to get your writing out into the open. That’s what we’re about. Stop hiding it and show us! We’re looking for compulsively readable stories with exceptional writing. We’re not so picky about genre, but we’re picky about everything else. If you think you’ve got something, we’d love to read it.
Send the first three chapters (or first 50 pages) of your manuscript and synopsis (in Word Document of PDF format) to (it really is .co!).
Due to the changes COVID-19 has brought about, our response time is longer than usual. We are now operating on about a four month turnaround.

What are we looking for?

We’re currently only on the lookout for fiction submissions. Please no non-fiction, novellas, poetry, YA, or essays.
We’d love to read…
  • smart, concept driven suspense
  • absorbing family dramas that tackle difficult issues
  • insightful uplit fiction that is honest and compelling
  • immersive and engaging historical fiction
With that in mind, we care most about how writing makes us feel, not where it lives on a shelf. So if you’ve written something that you think we might like, send it over.

Why choose Agora?

We keep our list small — publishing only 6-8 frontlist titles per year, we’re personally invested in every book. From the beginning of the editorial process to the marketing and promotion campaigns that continue long after publication day, we’re with you every step of the way and you’ll know the whole team by name.
We’re not just in it for one book — we want to build careers. We’re a small publisher that forms part of a big agency. Authors that sign with Agora Books will be welcomed into the Peters Fraser + Dunlop group and we work closely with the agency to develop our authors’ careers.
We really (really) love books.

What’s the deal?

Fair royalties — authors receive 50% of whatever we receive from the retailer.
Beautifully produced books — from industry leading cover design to eagle-eyed copyediting, we care about detail.
Cutting-edge campaigns — we are data geeks: whether analysing the latest sales algorithms, producing innovative digital marketing campaigns, or finding the biggest (and best) audience for your book.


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