Lead Creative Schools Scheme Practitioner Callout - Goetre Primary, Merthyr Tydfil

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Deadline: Mon 6 May 2024
Goetre Primary is looking for one or more Practitioners to work on a Year 1 LCS Project. Enquiry: Can simple podcasting and spoken word recording open the way to oracy, literacy and the Creative Habits of Mind? Open to any ideas and approaches. Practitioners need not be particularly GarageBand/podcast savvy.

The school wants to:
boost confidence and engagement in oracy and literacy;
encourage collaboration between pupils - they do not necessarily always play
together well at present;
counter the effects of unrestricted phone use at home.

The school has chosen a class of Year 4s (and their teacher) to undergo iPad GarageBand training as part of a separate project coming up shortly. By the end of this, it will be expected that these pupils are confident in the exciting possibilities of this amazing app - not just for making music, but for recording and editing the voice.

This will set the scene for the class to begin the LCS project in September, as Year 5s. We want to then expand on the possibilities that GarageBand has introduced. The Year 5s will be the experts in the software, and going forward, they will train other pupils and teachers in its use, so that the legacy lives on from year to year in the school.

We are open to any ideas and approaches. Practitioners need not be particularly GarageBand/podcast savvy - the pupils will already be experts and you’ll soon pick it up… but what can you bring to the table that will fit?

The practitioner fee will be based on a rate of £300 per full school day. Some planning time will also be paid at the same rate.

For more information and details of how to apply, see the practitioner brief under Associated Downloads on the right of the page.

If you have any queries, please email Alex Rees, Creative Agent – alexrees.lcs@gmail.com

Deadline: Monday 6th May 2024


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