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hy You Should Be a HellBound Books Author...

Always championing new and upcoming, independent authors, HellBound Books' dedicated, impeccably professional, fun editors and promotional staff are here to make your transition into a HellBound Books published author a smooth and incredibly pleasant one...

Run by seasoned, professional, published writers with over 25 years of business, sales and marketing experience, HBB is eager to embrace fresh, new talent across the whole spectrum of the dark genres.

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Hellbound Books Publishing

Completed Novel to Submit?


HellBound Books are currently on the lookout for that certain je ne sais quoi in a novel (60K words and up), something that commands our attention from the very first word. If your work is finished, polished and up to our exacting standards, we'd love to read it! (PLEASE NOTE: WE ARE NOT ACCEPTING SUBMISSIONS FOR NOVELLAS, POETRY, OR SHORT STORY COLLECTIONS AT THIS TIME)
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Hellbound Books Publishing

Current Anthology Submissions

HellBound Books are constantly on the lookout for those extra-special short stories; Horror, Bizarro, Erotic Horror/Dark Erotica.

Anthologies currently seeking submissions:

HellBound Books' Anthology of Horror

Satan Rides Out Again

HellBound Books' Anthology of Creature Features

HellBound Books Anthology of Splatterpunk Vol 2

HellBoundBooks' Anthology of Flash Fiction

HellBoundBooks' Anthology of Suburban Nightmares


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Hellbound Books Publishing

Before You Submit!

PLEASE NOTE: To protect the integrity of the writers' craft, we will not accept any form of AI-written work.

Nothing says 'serious author' more than a polished, well-presented manuscript that is spell checked, punctuation and grammar checked within an inch of its life!

Being writers ourselves, we at HellBound Books know full well that writers make the worst editors, especially when it comes to their own work. So, we have put together the HBB Guide to Grammar - a guide to the most common mistakes that we see in submissions. Please download yourself a copy, and go through it with your manuscript in hand, it could make the difference between acceptance and rejection!

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