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Moonstruck Books publishes the highest quality speculative fiction, science fiction, horror, fairy tales, gritty and gothic fiction, and experimental fiction. Please read the full guidelines before sending your manuscript to us. Any and all submissions that do not align with our guidelines will receive a rejection.

We value transparency throughout the submission process, including quick response times. Unagented and simultaneous submissions, especially from non-traditional authors (as defined below), are welcome and encouraged. In an effort to lower barriers and support non-traditional writers, we only accept submissions by email. There are no fees for submitting to the press.

  • Please send your manuscript to

  • Put the title of your work, your name, the word count, and your genre in the subject line of your email. For example: CARRIE Stephen King 60K horror

  • Attach the full manuscript as a PDF. We do not accept any other format; due to the large number of submissions, we must reject any submissions with non-PDF attachments.

  • Your name and contact information should be on your manuscript. We appreciate page numbers, undistracting fonts such as Arial and Times New Roman, and black ink.

  • Indicate if this is a simultaneous submission. If your manuscript is accepted elsewhere, congratulations! Send us a note to let us know.

  • Your cover letter should include a brief pitch, your author bio, and why you would like to work with Moonstruck Press. Please treat your pitch as your opportunity to make a good first impression.

  • Payment: We make profit-based payments for novels, and in some cases, an advance against royalties. Prior to acquisition, we’ll discuss our editorial process, royalties and advances, marketing plan, and author payments with you. We see publishing as a partnership and endeavor to be as fair and transparent as possible.

  • We do not publish young adult (YA), poetry, stage or screen plays, memoir, academic work, graphic novels or comics, fan fiction or spin-offs, coffee table books, how-to books, inspirational books, or books about current events. We avoid jargon when at all possible. Not sure if you’re a fit? You can find some of our favorite books and reading recommendations in our Notes.

  • We do not accept submissions created with or by AI. From the SFWA’s letter on November 3, 2023 in response to the Copyright Office’s call for comment on issues raised by artificial intelligence systems: “Even where free and open source software is used, it is used according to the licenses under which the software is distributed as a reflection of the legal rights of the programmers. Creative workers alone are expected to provide the fruits of their labor for free, without even the courtesy of being asked for permission. Our rights are treated as a mere externality.”

  • Quality of writing matters most. Bylines, academic and professional qualifications, and past publications matter least.

    Anthology submissions

    Moonstruck Books will publish an anthology of dark fiction titled Nightmare Diaries in Fall 2024. As of December 27, 2023, submissions for this anthology are closed. If you've sent us an anthology submission and you're checking on the status of your story, you can expect a response on or before January 25, 2024.

    The golden rule of publishing

    Please know that we receive thousands of submissions. Due to our small size, commitment to excellence, and discerning acquisition process, we must reject most of the manuscripts we read. We understand that the submission process can be grueling and discouraging. With this in mind, we try to be as respectful as possible toward authors and their creative efforts, offering kindness and professionalism.

    Not sure if your work fits on our shelf? Browse the shop here.

    What does “non-traditional” mean?

    We define “non-traditional” broadly. We believe that speculative fiction, horror, fantasy, and science fiction are innately diverse and represent visions of many possible futures. With this in mind, we seek to work with authors of unique personal experiences and perspectives. To us, “non-traditional” can mean:

  • Creating boundary-pushing fiction that questions the dominant cultural narrative, however the individual defines that narrative;

  • Unpublished or otherwise uncredited, and/or having a small social media following;

  • Belonging to a historically marginalized group and/or identifying as lesbian or gay, queer, transgender or nonbinary; Black, Indigenous, Latinx, people of color (BIPOC); blue collar writers, self-supporting writers, anti-commercial writers, and people from non-affluent backgrounds; people who live with chronic illness and other disabilities; and other individual experiences which are not traditionally centered in mainstream publishing;

  • Originating from a rural, agricultural, or otherwise overlooked or unglamorous region within the United States;

  • Self-taught authors who have no formal education, such as university courses or MFAs, or access to residencies, grants, fellowships, and other privileges;

  • Originating from a country, nation, or homeland outside the United States.



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