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Simply put, we’re tired of so many barriers to entry. Whether it’s word count, subject matter limitations, political or religious implications, we’re tired of seeing so many great works being cast aside for one arbitrary reason or another. So, we created a space where that kind of work can thrive. We are in the business of publishing stories, poems, essays, and art that make us feel something and stretch our brains to new realizations of form and possibility.

Cult, as the name suggests, wants the weird, the risk-taking: the stuff that gets tucked away because someone thinks no one would ever publish that. We want art that challenges and confronts; not coddles and reaffirms.

We will never subscribe to a particular style, theme, or artistic movement. We want all voices from all backgrounds and experience who feel they have something worthy to say to submit. Of course, we want all kinds of folks to submit and grace the pages of our little rag, but what ultimately matters is what shows up on the page. In summation, the work takes priority.


Word Document for text submissions and PDFs for visual submissions. Send to us via Submittable.

All artists who are published will be paid for their work. $25 for online publication and $40 for inclusion in our biannual print edition.

In hopes of building a community and making real connections with our artists, we plan to call each person we choose to publish so, please, alongside your name, genre (poetry, fiction, photography, etc.), the title of your work, as well as a brief description of yourself, please include your phone number. Submissions must be previously unpublished.

For bios, please keep them short. By all means, tell us where you’re from, what college you attended (if applicable), and where people can find your work (if applicable). But please don’t tell us about your dogs, cats, wonderful spouses or partners, or your job. With all due respect, we don’t care. As our mission statement says: The work takes priority.

Statement on AI: If AI tools were used to make your submission, please inform us how you used the tool and why.

Thank you for your work.

Note: By submitting to Cult. Magazine, you give your permission to receive periodic email newsletters.


Have an idea for an interview or a review or something that falls outside the bounds of standard submission guidelines? Send us a pitch detailing the idea to INFO@CULTMAG.NET. Please include “Pitch:” at the beginning of the subject line of your email and a brief outline of what you're thinking. Payment will be at the same rate as standard publications unless discussed otherwise.

By providing any content on you hereby agree to grant and its editors and affiliates an irrevocable, perpetual, worldwide, fully-paid, royalty-free, unconditional, transferable, non-exclusive license, with the unlimited right to grant sublicenses, under any of your copyrights and licensable copyright moral rights in any works included on to reproduce, make derivative works of (and register such derivative works), distribute, publicly perform, publicly display, transmit, and otherwise use such works in any manner and in any medium and you hereby agree to irrevocably waive all moral rights in any content provided on



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