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The Shortish Project is a new publishing program dedicated to short novels -- original fiction from 75 pages to 200 pages (or so) in length. (Or about 14,000 words to 42,000 words or so.) 

Our standards are high, but the Shortish Project is open to all styles & genres. We encourage everyone to join in!

Titles published by The Shortish Project are distributed in paperback and ebook editions. The process is streamlined and designed to support each author's own marketing plan. We can move fast or slow.

Read more below (or press the "Submit" button to expand the viewable text). Or learn more at, including links to 600 acclaimed short novels from the past 200 years.


Thank you for your interest in The Shortish Project Publishing Program, dedicated to promoting and publishing short novels. 

The Shortish Project is a new initiative produced by Outpost19, developed in response to the high number of short-novel submissions we receive and the enthusiasm we've seen from readers of short novels.

The Shortish Project's publishing program is cross-genre, embracing all styles & categories. We encourage everyone to join in! Titles are published in paperback and ebook editions, using a streamlined process to publish quickly -- or to support each author's own marketing plans. We can move fast or slow.

There are no fees, and since launching the program, we've tested a few ideas, made some improvements and streamlined the review process.

How it works:

Use the form below to upload your manuscript and to provide basic details. 

You'll get an answer from us pretty quickly -- usually in 7 - 10 days. Simultaneous submissions are welcome, but in return for our fast reply, we ask for an approval from you within 10 days.

Once accepted, we'll start a traditional editorial process, providing suggested revisions. We can review and discuss them via phone, Google Meet or email.

Because short novels come with mixed expectations, we can be flexible about marketing. We can work on an accelerated timeline or stick to conventional funnels. We'll discuss the pros and cons, and see what makes sense for you. Book marketing is a hard slog in a crowded marketplace; we'll talk about what to reasonably expect.

We'll also provide 2 - 3 options for the cover. You're welcome to provide original artwork -- we'll review it to make sure it aligns with the series' look and feel. 

Once the book is on sale, you'll receive 50% of net receipts on all sales, paid in June and December. Author copies are available at cost plus shipping at any time. Publishing agreements are exclusive for 2 years, after which you can re-up or we can remove your book from distribution. You'll find these details in our Publishing Agreement, which we'll email you after your manuscript is accepted. Royalty payments will be made via Venmo or PayPal, and before your first payment, we'll request a completed IRS W-9 form for future tax reporting. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to Jon at

Ready to get started?

Go to the form on the site.  


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