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The Hungur Chronicles presents short stories, poems, articles, and illustrations related in some way to vampires, especially those on other worlds.  Blood is an addiction as well as food for vampires, but in other cultures on other worlds, some other substance may be the object of their desire and need.  You may recall an episode of Deep Space Nine in which a woman had a need for, and knew ecstasy from, ideas.  The object of desire on some worlds might be vegetation, or a mineral, or water (perhaps on a desert world).  In The Skylark of Space by E. E. “Doc” Smith, the salt in human blood was the desired substance.  In “Tree Hugger” (available from our Shop), the substance was sap.


We will also consider stories of vampires on Earth.  However, most of those stories have already been done, in one way or another, and we are not interested in recycling old ideas.  To make an Earth-based vampire story work, it must have something fresh and new.  Something with an unexpected twist.  It need not be gaudy; simple often works.  Just different and unexpected.


The Hungur Chronicles is published on Walpurgisnacht (or 1 May) and Samhain (or 1 November).  The first issue will be released on Walpurgisnacht 2021.  The editors of The Hungur Chronicles are Terrie Leigh Relf and Robert “Bad Bob” Bellam.


We’re looking for original stories of between 3,000 and 8,000 words.  We will consider reprints within those parameters, but we will probably use one, and at most two, in an issue.  The pay for original stories is $25.00; for reprints, $12.00.


We’re looking for original poems, preferably shorter than 100 lines.  We will use up to three, and no more than four, in an issue.  The pay for a poem is $5.00.


We’re looking for articles related to vampirism.  A good length for an article is 1,000 words, although we will consider longer articles (but not much shorter).  We expect to use no more than two articles per issue.  Articles can be reviews, interviews, or…well, articles.  The pay for an article is $10.00.


We’re look for appropriate black-and-white interior illustrations.  As the digest is oriented vertically, so should the illustrations be oriented, which is to say, they should be taller than they are wide.  We expect to use no more than two illustrations per issue.  The pay for illustrations is $8.00.


We’re looking for appropriate color cover art.  The digest will be published in 6x9 format, which means the full cover, front and back, would be 12x9, not including the spine.  Cover art may be a wraparound, in which case it should be sized according to those dimensions (i.e., 4x3).  If it is a front cover, is should be sided according to the dimensions of 6x9 (i.e., 2x3).  The pay for cover art is $25.00.


Submit stories, poems, and articles as word doc or rtf attachments.  Submit all art as jpegs.  The submissions address for The Hungur Chronicles is .  Queries may also be sent to this address.


Other rules:

1.  Spooky horror.  We don’t care for gore, intestines, entrails, giblets, brains, etc.  As this publication is about vampires, a little blood is expected, but not bathtubs full of it.

2.  Character matters.  Without developed characters, most stories will fail.  The reader needs to connect to the character, and to care what happens to her or him.  If the reader doesn’t care, the story won’t get read.  Or sold.

3.  Response time:  We’re striving for 1-2 months.  But waiting times may be longer, as we only publish twice a year.  However, if sales of The Hungur Chronicles warrants, we may go to three or even four times a year.  It’s up to the quality of your writing, and to sales.  (PS.  You can promote us, hint).



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