Feral House

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Our publishing topics

  • Memoir - Extraordinary stories of exciting lives. (We are not interested in ‘therapy journal’-style recovery stories.)
  • Biography - Cultural and historical figures, unique characters, overlooked contributors to social and artistic movements, eccentric creators and artists.
  • Music - Influential yet underground genres and movements and important and overlooked creators.
  • History - People and events outside the “textbook” of American history.
  • Self-Reliance - Skills and practical how-to advice on living in the modern world (or living in the post-apocalyptic world.)
  • Realpolitik - Underground movements, philosophies, and people affecting and influencing government.
  • Criminal Justice - Experiences and narratives about the criminal justice system.
  • Mysticism & Occult - Stories about people, groups, and ideas that dwell in the outer realms of belief.
  • Children - Stories that explore civics, politics, and history for readers aged 7-10.
  • Food - Cookbooks and culinary histories of overlooked cooks, regional cuisines, and the intersection of food and other cultural movements.

We have specific interest in

  • Stories about Black foremothers of rock-n-roll.
  • Black and Indigenous experiences in post-Civil War U.S.
  • Historic Latino contributors to American social movements, film and music.
  • Female trailblazers of science, politics, social justice and the arts.
  • The lives and stories of overlooked LGBTQ contributors to American culture.
  • Histories and biographies of intellectuals, scientists and artists throughout the world long ignored by traditional American textbooks--from Islamic polymath Averroes and to the underappreciated creators who thrived during the Harlem Renaissance

Manuscript Submission Requirements

We do not publish fiction, poetry, plays or short stories.

Please send a query email that includes:
  1. Overview.  A full description of the book and why it’s compelling and interesting to all readers. Please keep to a single page.
  2. Table of Contents.
  3. Total word count.
  4. Chapter Outline.  A one or two sentence summary of each chapter.
  5. Sample Chapter.  We need to see a sample of your writing and how the book is organized.
  6. About Me.  A short biography about you and why you’re the right person to write the book.
  7. Images. Let us know if your proposed book intends to have images and how many. Send an example of one or two images.

Note: Process Media Inc. is an imprint of Feral House that focuses on artistic, new-age, and self-reliance themes.
Please send inquiries for Feral House & Process Media to:  info@feralhouse.com
If we find your proposal intriguing, we will get back to you. We cannot guarantee a response to every submission.
We prefer to work directly with authors.



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