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Delphinium Books prides itself on publishing the books we love—both literary fiction and exceptional non-fiction. We encourage submissions from both agented and unagented authors, from established writers and new, and from published authors who have not had any recent releases.

We look at every submission that fits our submission and publishing guidelines.

Agents: We invite you—urge you—to study our list of published titles to get a sense of the kind of books we do.  If you feel that we might be a good match, please take the time to query us on a project before sending it.  Because we believe that all good work deserves to be published and that there are many more manuscripts than publishing spots, we do not compete with other publishing houses for books.

Please be advised that we pay a standard modest advance to all our authors. With this in mind, kindly send us queries only after you have reviewed our submission guidelines and if we will, without competition, have a clear shot at acquiring your project.

CLICK HERE for the submissions form for agents.

Unagented Authors: Once you have determined your work is a good fit for the Delphinium list, we invite you to send us your submission inquiry directly using the inquiry submission form.   If we are interested in your project, we’ll request a minimum of 50 pages or several chapters of a manuscript. You may include other information you think we should have (author bio, synopsis, etc.) for this review. If we’re taken with what we read, we will then ask you to send the entire manuscript.

To determine if your manuscript is a good fit for Delphinium, we strongly urge you to review our published titles list. We only accept completed manuscripts. We do not make offers on spec. In addition, we prefer submissions with a minimum of 50,000 words, but we can make exceptions on a case-by-case basis.

CLICK HERE for the submissions form for authors.

Authors with Agents: We’d prefer to get your work via your agent if at all possible.



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