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Agape Editions publishes literary work by authors of vision. Our books engage the Numinous & the sacred. Our catalogue is comprised of both print & digital literature.

Our name comes from the ancient Greek ἀγάπη (agápē), describing the joyous kind of love that exists universally without seeking or expecting anything in return. Agape can be described as the bond between humans & the Numinous, but we believe it exists everywhere—manifested in the kindness of strangers, felt alone under a sky filled with aurora, made real through a moment of ecstatic meditation or deep connection with another.

We’ve heard it described as selfless love, but for us, that doesn’t track. A moment of Agape is a moment in which you feel yourself fully—in the broader context of the universe at large.

So, no, we aren’t Agape as in “slack-jawed with wonder” or “shocked & agog.” (Though we’ve certainly been called worse.)

Agape is about finding the strength and courage to remain open-hearted, in a world that doesn’t always encourage or reward an open heart.

Given our operating definition of Agape, it’s potentially predictable that our notions of the sacred & the Numinous span wide swaths of experience—private epiphanies; shared ecstasies; moments of intimacy; sublime revelation; cultural identity; spiritual traditions as conduit for survival. The psychic, the occult, the supernatural. The divinity of the natural world. Wild love. Fascinating scientific discoveries. Mind-blowing technological advancements. Fernweh. The thrill of exploration. Sacred feminine rage.

We are profoundly uninterested in attempting to dictate the parameters of spiritual experience. 

We want to feel through you & your writing what’s holy to you & why.

We’re big on community. Our editorial relationships with our authors are collaborative in nature. Our editorial team is comprised of kind, intelligent humans who support each other. We love our people. We enjoy building things.

Our purpose is interfaith as well as literary. We are not merely “open to” different types of experience & writing. We need them in order to thrive.

We are particularly interested in work that is aesthetically challenging & formally innovative. Much of what we publish has had a hard time finding the right home elsewhere. We love art weirdos (we can smell our own).

Imagine: awakening, breathless, in the thick of night. You’ve been dreaming of William Blake’s tyger-burning-bright & all its terrifying beauty. & now, from somewhere in the surrounding darkness, you can hear its quiet breathing.

Welcome to Agape Editions.



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