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We are actively looking for crime novels that are predominantly neo-noir or hard-boiled. We’re unlikely to consider murder mysteries, cosy, or those where crimes are solved by cats (unless your name is John Travis).

In the first instance, send an enquiry email with a brief synopsis, the first three chapters as a Word or RTF or PDF attachment, and some bio information to the following address: editorheadshot@gmail.com

Please mark your email header as follows:


We don’t ask for much. If you can’t do the above, then we will probably delete your email unread.

And don’t stress over the synopsis. We don’t want the whole story. A paragraph will suffice.

If we like your work we’ll make an offer. We will never ask you to contribute towards publishing your work. Head Shot Press predominantly focusses on e-books with some print copies. Those print copies – as with every publisher under the sun (and a few under the moon) – can be ordered through bookstores, but we won’t be placing them in bricks and mortar venues ourselves. That would involve more resources than we can handle, including repping the books well in advance, and the financial gain is minimal. If you really want to see your book in a bookstore then there are other publishers to submit to (or simply sneak one in when the staff aren’t looking).



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