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Before you submit your work please read this submissions statement to ensure that your work fits our guidelines on what is acceptable content.
  • Submission Guidelines

    You must read these guidelines and confirm you have read them when you submit, failure to confirm you have read these guidelines will result in your submission not being considered for publication.

    At the moment our books are open to most submissions from authors based in the UK of fiction and non-fiction, children or adult stories, sci-fi, horror, romance, YA, historical fiction, detective and murder, fantasy and all mixtures of genres that exist. We will also consider books of short stories.

    We cannot publish picture books at this moment in time but we may consider books that have photographs or illustrations of a high quality.

    We are not publishing poetry at this time. 

    We can not currently accept submissions from non-UK based authors.

    We do not accept manuscripts that contain porn, fetish, rape, bestiality, or any work that glorifies violent crimes such as abuse or murder. We will not read any work that has child abuse as the main theme unless it is dealt with sympathetically and with compassion. We are not looking for splatter gore or work that over uses graphic or profane language. We do not expect all sweetness and light but there is a fine line between using a word because it fits the scene and over using it for shock value.

    Children´s chapter books should be at least 11,500 words up to around 40,000

    Adult fiction books including short story collections should be no less than 45,000 and not much over 100,000

    Non-fiction should be no less than 30,000 words if photographs are included and should not exceed the 100,000-word restriction if possible.

    We do allow simultaneous submissions however you must inform us as soon as possible if any submitted work has been accepted for publication elsewhere. All work submitted should be original and not have been published anywhere else. In exceptional cases, we will consider publishing something that has already been published elsewhere but it is advisable that you contact us first to discuss your situation. 

    Your work should be finished to a high standard before you submit to us, our editors will work on your manuscript they can not rewrite it for you. A manuscript that is not completed to a high standard risks being rejected.

    Your manuscript should be a Word document containing the first 10 pages preferably in 12pt Times New Roman with 1-inch margins on all sides using double spacing and left-justified.  In the header of the document, you must include your name, title of the book, and a page number. 

    We will try to get back to you as quickly as possible but at the moment please be aware that this may be up to three months.

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