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Please send one piece only to hello@extrateeth.co.uk during each submissions period, with SHORT STORY: [TITLE] or ESSAY: [TITLE] in the subject line, addressed to Heather and Jules. We will strive to get back to you within four weeks after submissions close, and will contact you whether or not your piece has been accepted. Editors’ decision is final. We understand that it is unrealistic to ask you not to submit pieces elsewhere during this period, but if you need to withdraw a submission please email to let us know ASAP.

Submissions guidelines

We do not set a theme for each issue; please feel free to send your best work on any topic. 

Pieces should be between 800 and 4,000 words, submitted in a Word document in a standard font, size 12, with double line spacing.

Every submission should be accompanied by a title sheet including author’s name, address, the word count of the piece and a short biography of under 100 words. Cover letters are not required.

Work should be previously unpublished. Copyright remains with the author.

what we pay

We offer £100 for each selected piece, as well as two copies of the magazine in which the piece is featured. We pay via bank transfer within 30 days of receipt of a signed publishing agreement. Extra Teeth does not charge fees to submit writing. We also offer fees for event appearances.

What we publish

We accept creative fiction and nonfiction between 800 and 4,000 words. We look for short stories that stick with you, lingering in the memory long after reading, and essays that explore specific interests or issues from a new perspective. We offer a space for writers to be strange, bold and experimental, and to express their unique style however they see fit.

Extra Teeth is a Scottish magazine with an international outlook—meaning that we will always champion and cultivate great Scottish writing, but we also publish work from writers located elsewhere. We especially welcome submissions from underrepresented groups.

We do not currently publish poetry, scripts, translations or artwork, outside of the work of our guest illustrator for each issue.

NEW! mentorships

In every submission period, we receive hundreds of pieces that show great promise but which don't quite make it into the magazine. Since we launched the magazine, chief editor Heather Parry has taken a couple of writers under her wing on an ad hoc basis, both of whom were later published in the magazine. We are now thrilled to formalise the process and begin offering one or two mentoring spaces per issue.

Extra Teeth mentoring is intended to offer support to new or emerging writers in the form of three workshop sessions (either remote or in person) with Editorial Director Heather Parry over a six month period, helping to develop work for submission elsewhere or to simply offer guidance and career development assistance.

If you'd like to be considered for mentorship, please complete the form below after sending in your submission. Please note that we will only consider mentorship applications from individuals who have submitted a piece of writing for this submission window. Mentees will be chosen and contacted within a month of submissions closing.

'Heather’s mentoring was incredibly beneficial for me. I’ve gone back to my writing with a totally fresh perspective, not only feeling a lot more confident in it, but also having a much stronger sense of who I am as a writer and what my strengths and weaknesses were.'

- Catherine Wilson, Issue Tw


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