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uppy Dogs & Ice Cream Books, one of the largest book publishers in the country, has just opened up submissions for new children's books. If you're an author don't know who Puppy Dogs & Ice Cream is yet, you will soon. By selling close to 2 million books last year, PDIC has emerged as the fastest growing book publisher in the country. Their "direct to consumer" approach helped make them the 6 largest, just behind well known names like Penguin and Scholastic. And they did it all without

They are unlike any other "big publisher" and don't operate with a "pay to play" model like some of the self-publisher companies. They seek out new unpublished works, publish everything themselves, and strategize the books' release and sales plan. And surprisingly, they pay the industry's highest royalties to their book owners. 

There is a "catch" though... They don't just select any book. The books PDIC publish are books created with purpose. They look for authors and illustrators who care greatly about instilling lifelong values within their readers. And for those who curate clever books that demonstrate these meaningful lessons in way children love and understand.

Some of their best selling titles include:

Zen Pig - An 8 book series with over 2,500 five star reviews

Right Now - A 3 book series with over 2,200 five star reviews

Super Tiny Ghost - A 3 book series with over 2,000 five star reviews

Fiona Flamingo - A single book with over 2,000 five star reviews

Snowman Song - A single book with over 1,500 five star reviews

"We are a publishing company committed to helping people... Simple as that."

- CEO and Founder of Puppy Dogs and Ice Cream

The company has been successful thus far and is now opening submissions to anyone who believes they meet the same criteria. They believe everyone has a great children's books story, and they hope to find as many as they can...

If you have a children's book that is ready to go... And if you believe it meets the standards the PDIC has become known for... You could have America's next favorite children's book... Submit your book as soon as possible as submissions will be closed soon. Simply click the link below and follow the instructions. 

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Quick Tip: PDIC will only select 100 new authors each year... And they expect to close submissions within a few weeks... Submit your book today!

>>[Click Here]

The fastest growing children's book publisher wants to put your book in homes of thousands...

With 2 million books sold in the last 12 months, you could be just a click away from joining their list of best sellers.

Simply submit your finished work below and wait for your author coordinator introduction. 

Books with completed illustrations

Books with a completed story and a

minimum of 2 completed illustrations and detailed storyboards/sketches for the remainder

Books aimed for ages 0-12

Children's Picture Books

Children's Storybooks

Gratitude, Prayer, or Activity Journals

Christian/Bible Books

Holiday/Seasonal Books

History/Historical Figure Books


Not Accepted


Books with black and white-only, marker, pencil, or charcoal illustrations

Books made of stock photos and/or clipart

Books aimed for teens or 12+

Chapter Books

Comic Books

Coloring Books

Political Boo



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