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We accept manuscripts intended for the ages 16+ (young adult, new adult and older).

We understand that the purpose of horror is to push limits and challenge the readers. However, we will not accept any manuscripts which condone or glamorise problematic behaviours/experiences.


We publish in the English language. We accept submissions in both American and British English.


Please email the first three chapters, a detailed synopsis, and covering letter in PDF format to:

Your covering letter should include:

  • A brief synopsis - like an elevator pitch

  • The genre and main themes of the work

  • Targeted age range

  • Titles of any previously published work

  • Authors that have inspired you/your favourite books

Please make sure that any and all work sent to us is:

  • In PDF format

  • Size 12, Times New Roman

  • 1.5 spaced

  • Please note that we do not accept hard copies of submissions. 


We exclusively publish the genres of urban fantasy, fantasy, horror, paranormal romance and Sci-Fi. Sub genres will be considered, but if you have any questions, send us an email and we'll be happy to let you know!

Proofread Your Work

We appreciate that some authors may struggle with spelling and grammar, but we ask that you proofread your manuscript to the best of your ability before sending it to us. Your submission should be the best reflection of your work!

Beta Readers

Want to be a beta reader for us? You'll receive draft copies of upcoming books we think you'd like in return for your consumer feedback. Sign up using the link below:



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