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Latah Books is likeliest to accept full-length books with driving narrative force: literary and upmarket novels, as well as memoirs, travelogues, and other narrative nonfiction works in the realms of history, science, conservation, social justice, journalism and outdoor adventure. ​In short, we're seeking compelling books which elevate people's understanding of the world through the awesome and immortal power of story. We are particularly interested in books concerning the American West, especially the Intermountain West.

While we are open to publishing nearly any talented author, we especially enjoy supporting the careers of writers typically underrepresented and overlooked in today’s literary ecosystem: authors from rural and small-town America and authors from working-class and blue collar backgrounds.

If you've poured your heart and soul into your manuscript and feel that it's ready for publication, then please submit your work via Submittable. We look forward to reviewing your submission.



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