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Our ethos is that we publish stories – about people, about places, about experiences. We love books that seek to inspire and inform, that are warm-hearted and generous. We love non-fiction with a strong hook, stories inspired by real people or places. We don’t publish poetry, science fiction, fantasy, horror, erotica or violent themes.

If you still think you have a book or idea we might be interested in, read on!

We have an open submissions policy, so you do not need an agent to pitch your work to us, and we do not specialise in any subject area – we believe that variety is the spice of life. However, please note that we publish more non-fiction than fiction.

Before you submit anything to us, please take a good look around our website and the books we have published.

Please send us a short letter introducing yourself and a one-page synopsis of your book, either by email or by post.

Don’t send us any more material (e.g. samples of your writing) until we’ve expressed an interest in the idea.

In your letter, we’d like to know what kind of book you’re writing – what genre and market you think it fits into – and a little about yourself. If you were looking for your book in a bookshop, where would it go and who do you think will read it? If you have a non-fiction idea, tell us why you have chosen the subject. For fiction, tell us your story in a short paragraph. For both, tell us why you’re the person to write it.

In your synopsis, try to stick to one page, and give us more of an overview of what your book is about. For non-fiction, expand upon what the book will include and how you’ll structure it. For fiction, we need to know that you have the ending figured out, so keep it concise but give us the key plot points.

If we think your book might be a good fit for Orphans Publishing, we’ll be in touch. We’re a small team, and aim to respond within 8-10 weeks, so please be patient.



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