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We like strong writing, well-crafted worlds, and original voices. If this means excessive use of profanity, sex, or violence, then so be it. However, pushing the envelope of good taste is one thing, grossing out the editors is another. Whether or not we think a piece of writing is edgy or has just gone too far basically boils down to a matter of taste. We do appreciate the beauty in the subtle and the sublime. Can writing be both beautiful and profane, violent and subtle, or edgy and sublime?  We think so. 

We accept multiple submissions. No simultaneous submissions. 

All Pink Narcissus Press publications will be made available in both trade paperback and e-book format.

Submissions: Novels 
The editors at Pink Narcissus Press are currently considering longer works (around 50,000 words and up) for future publication. In particular, we are interested in fiction novels that are well-written but may have been passed over by the larger publishing houses because they do not neatly fit into a specific genre or are just not "commercial" enough. If you have such a novel, then Pink Narc might be the home for your work. Although we will consider most types of speculative fiction, preference will be given to novellas and novels with strong elements of fantasy and/or sci-fi. Sorry, but we are not really interested in YA (Young Adult) novels. 

We will not consider unfinished manuscripts, unsolicited short story collections, or non-fiction. No simultaneous submissions. 

Please submit the entire manuscript. A synopsis (of any length) or outline of the work is appreciated. 

Standard manuscript format is preferred. If you are not sure what that means, please read Dr. Bill's "A Note to Contributors" which explains how to write a proper cover letter and format a manuscript.

We will no longer be using Submittable. All novel and novella submissions should be sent to 

Payment and rights
For writers
Upon acceptance, the publisher will enter into negotiations about royalties and rights. At this time, Pink Narcissus (like many small presses) is only able to offer a small advance of US $250 for novellas or novels. 

For artists
For single illustrations (cover art, website illustrations, etc.) we pay a one-time honorarium ranging from $100-200 depending on the complexity of the illustration. From artists we ask for NON-exclusive rights.




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