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Duotrope Interview
​Best of Intrinsick 1.1
Submission Guidelines​

Recommended Stories

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DON'T dos:
  • Submit Poetry 
  • Submit fan fiction 
  • Submit pornographic material 
  • Submit gratuitously graphic violence
  • Submit stories where nothing happens
  • Worry about genre. We want funny, gripping stories no matter the genre.
  • Submit anything longer than 2000 words unless it kicks fucking ass.
  • Submit previously published material
  • Query before sixty days have passed
  • Expect any editorial feedback
  • Take anything personally
  • Forget to double space
  • Forget to spellcheck
  • Forget to laugh
  • Forget to follow these GUIDELINES

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DO dos:
  • Submit Fiction or Creative Nonfiction
  • Attach file as DOC or PDF OR copy and paste into body of email 
  • Double space, Times New Roman, 12 pt font
  • Include Title, Genre, Word Count in subject line. 
    (for example: Fanihi Pie, Fiction, 724 words)
  • Send simultaneous submissions so long as you send notice immediately if accepted elsewhere
  • Send multiple submissions so long as the total word count is 2000 words or less
  • Make sure the story is funny or weird or unsettling or gripping or, best case scenario, all of the above
  • Make us laugh while making us cry
  • Keep writing no matter what anybody says

Bulleted List of Some Things We Appreciate

  • Grit, Gravity, Consequence, Depravity
  • Sarcasm, Snark, Humor, Sharks
  • Bloody Noses, Broken Bones, Bad Decisions, Difficult Homes
  • Big Air, Big Balls, Big Bails, Biggie Smalls
  • Punk Rock, Skateboards, Anarchy, Darklords
  • Bad Breath, Bad Luck, Bad Behavior, Bad Fucks
  • Scabs, Scars, Baggage, Bars
  • Going for Gusto and Falling on Face
  • Embarrassing oneself all over the place
  • Laughing so hard maybe a little pee comes out
  • Submissions 2000 words or less, thereabout
  • Bababooey, Bababooey, Bababooey
  • Also, Dinosaurs
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