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ow to sell your work....

To set up everything you need to sell your work(s) of fiction on the CUT website is quite simple and free! It will be digitised into a beautifully presented ebook at no charge!

Make money from your writing

Before you can upload your work and make your ebooks available for sale, you must first register as a writer on the site. This will enable the CUT team to create a Writer Profile Page for you. It is from your Writer Profile Page that your work will be marketed to the global CUT reader database. Why not take a look at this example of a Writer Profile Page.

And remember that with the CUT ‘writer fair deal’, you not only get to select the selling price of your ebook, but also to share in the income on a 50:50 basis. You get 50% of the selling price, after VAT and PayPal's transaction fee. You just have to register as a writer and upload your work; the CUT team does the rest.

Your creativity, imagination and skills, combined with our technology, marketing, and enthusiastic readers, combine to make the perfect recipe for a long and fruitful partnership.

Our Writer's Agreement

When you register as a writer member of CUT, you sign up to our writer-centric agreement, designed to offer a fair deal to established and aspiring writers alike.

We suggest that you read the complete document in detail at writer’s agreement, but to summarise some of the key points:

  • CUT will make no charge for:
    • setting up your Writer Profile Page - a great marketing vehicle for your work
    • editing your work, and setting it in our exclusive CUT584 format, approved by NAWE
    • processing your work through our exclusive, innovative software to convert it into an attractive professional ebook, in two file formats, enabling it to be read on any e-reader, tablet, smartphone, laptop, or PC
  • The CUT Writers' Agreement is non-exclusive, so if we do publish your work, you are still at liberty to publish the creative content elsewhere, as long as you do not use CUT's formatted ebook
  • Before publication, you select the selling price for your ebook; after publication, you can amend the selling price whenever you wish
  • CUT shares the revenue from sales of your ebooks with you on a 50:50 basis, after VAT and PayPal's transaction fee
  • The copyright in the work is credited to you at the front of every ebook, and is registered against a unique CUTeBNum reference number
  • We add our exclusive CUT e-Tag, embedded into every ebook published by CUT, to protect your creative work from copyright abuse 

There are two simple steps to selling your work:

  1. First register as a writer on the CUT Writer Publishing Community platform. This will enable the CUT team to create your Writer Profile Page and your writer account.
  2. Once you are registered, you can then upload your first piece of work (and as many as you wish thereafter) in a straightforward process, as long as you have it in an MS Word document format. Simply log in to your account and select Submit My Work.


Before starting the process, you may find it useful to look at how to register as a writer, which will show you what you need, and after that, you might like to read how to upload a story

And when you have created your Writer Profile Page, and we have published your first piece of work, you should check our Marketing Tips for Writers



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