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We are actively growing our author list. If you write thriller, crime stories or mysteries with a unique voice, we want to hear from you. We'd love to find characters we haven't seen before and new angles on traditional crimes. Our small team are passionate about bringing the best stories to market, and our personal touch is aimed at bringing new voices to the crime and mystery world. We accept submissions from authors with or without agents, whether you're new to writing or already published.

At this stage we cannot accept submissions in children's fiction, romance, young adult or non-fiction. We can only accept crime, thriller, psychological thriller, noir and mystery. We will look at shorter novellas (25,000 words plus) only as part of a series. No standalone novels under 60,000 words, please.

We will professionally edit, proofread and format your book.
We work with great cover designers to bring your book to life.
We produce both ebook and print editions of your book.
We provide advance copies to our dedicated readers in the Red Dog Readers Club.
We organise blog tours, review calls and blitz days for your book.
We provide continuous support for your writer journey.
We advertise and market your book online to maximise reach.
We give fair royalties to help you make a career of your writing.
We only accept submissions via email at
Please use the email to introduce yourself, give us a little bit of your own history, why you started writing, and what you want from a writing career. You MUST attach a synopsis of no more that 1500 words AND the first 25 pages of your book (to the nearest chapter end).
Incomplete submissions will not be read.
We read every complete submission we receive, and we do our best to reply within four weeks, but we are very busy. You will receive a reply to your submission which will give you an estimated timeline for our response. We appreciate your patience.


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