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All Submissions Open!*
But that 'all' has changed now, so please be sure to read everything carefully before you submit, and good luck!

All submissions should be in doc or docx format, double spaced, one space after period, no tab at beginning of paragraph, in a standard 12 pt font.

If you are interested in submitting to The Fandom Universe, you can find its specific requirements and terms here

Click to join our mailing list for submission calls. This is also the best way to stay abreast of special projects or anthologies.

Did you write a children's book and you don't know what to do with it now? Click here and we'll walk you through what comes next!

Submit to 

Entries not following the below specs and displaying proper format will be immediately deleted.

For Novels, Novellas, and Non-Fiction projects:Submissions should be sent as attachments. The subject line of your message should include appear Project Type--Title--Author
Please submit:
  • Query Letter (for a sample query look here)
  • Synopsis (yes, we hate them too but send us one anyway)
  • Your first thirty pages or Non-Fiction sample treatment
For Serials please submit:
  • Query Letter
  • Synopsis and theoretical schedule
  • Your first episode
What we are currently accepting:
  • We are open to all forms of book submission.​ We love all the genres, and evaluate each manuscript on its own merits entirely.
Submissions of particular interest:
  • Romance, Erotica, and Erotic Romance (Have you checked out BPS?)
  • YA and NA
  • Diverse books, particularly by diverse authors.
We are no longer accepting submissions for Wee Tales, Refractions, or Deep Waters. 

While we're sad to see these projects go, we're excited to move on to new and different horizons!

Have questions about what's happened with those journals? Read all about it here.

What if I have a Short Story collection?
Submissions should be sent in much the same format as you would a novel, Project Type--Title--Author in the subject line, a query letter that explains what the theme or appeal of your collection is, a synopsis which amounts to an elevator pitch for each story in the collection, and at least thirty pages worth of story.


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