The Dark City

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The Dark City is dedicated to the love of story, and in particular, the rough and tumble of the world of crime and violence. We are fans of story that has roots in reality but we do consider humorous situations and characters to be part of reality. We hope to acquire stories that leave readers thinking about the characters and their dilemma. 

We are seeking stories in the range of 1000 to 7500 words. 

We pay writers honorariums of $25 upon publication for first rights (electronic as well as physical) and archival rights (for back issues). Stories appear in the on-line version, in limited physical editions and in archived editions. After the stories appear in the magazine the rights revert to the author though we ask that you not publish the work elsewhere for at least a year. We collect some stories into anthologies and will pay separately for the story's appearance in such publications. We prefer exclusive submissions rather than multiple submissions. Please don't send previously published work. 

Email submissions should have "Story Submission" in the subject line. Send your query or submission in plain text in the body of your email, rather than as an attached file. 

Thank you for your interest in The Dark City.


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