Eerie River

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WWhat are we looking for?


We are seeking high-quality stand alone novels and a potential novella series in the dark fantasy genre. At this time we are not interested in short story collections, full erotica, strictly religious fiction, or poetry.

We want unique, well-crafted worlds with compelling plots, exciting adventures, entertaining characters, and new dark fantasy concepts.

We are drawn to the fantasy worlds with a grim heartwrenching twist. The perfect story would balance the light and the dark storyline with humour alongside the emotional twists and turns. In essence, if you can envoke a gambit of emotion throughout the story we will be hard-pressed to say no. 

Manuscripts should be written in good taste and be aimed for a mature audience that enjoys the darker side of fantasy. As this is dark fantasy, we encourage a step toward some of the darker and horror tones within the storyline, and we won't shy away from some use of violence and gore. However, we will not be accepting any manuscripts with detailed rape scenes, pedophilia, or untoward behaviours to animals of any kind. (you know what I mean)

Submissions of novels should be between 60,000 and 120,000 words. 

Submissions of novellas should be approximately 25,000 - 50,000 words with a series potential of at least three stories in total. We will not be accepting stand-alone novellas at this time.

Please ensure you are sending us the best version of your story to be reviewed. For novels your manuscript should be completed in full, have already undergone beta readings, editing and revisions. For novella series, the first of the series should be completed in full, have already undergone beta readings, editing and revisions, and an outline of the next books should be in place and ready to discuss.


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