Brother Mockingbird

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We are not looking for novellas or erotica.  We are closed of children's picture book submissions for 2020.
Submission Guideline:
•  Query Letter
•  Synopsis
•  First Chapter
•  Author Biography (include any pertinent information, such as personal blogs, Twitter/Facebook/Instagram handle, or any other social media outlets or marketing tools we should be aware of.
Please send your query letter, bio, and Chapter One (12 point, Times New Roman), as well as a detailed marketing plan in the body of an email.  Use the title of your manuscript in the subject line.
Do not send attachments.
Please make sure all edits are in compliance with The Chicago Manual of Style.
Each manuscript we are interested in will go through a review process in order to see if it meets our requirements.
It is strongly advised to have at least two beta readers read your manuscript before you submit.
All submissions, query letters, bios, marketing plans and questions should go to:
We try to respond to each and every query so if you have not heard from us in three months, please inquire about your submission.  
Please contact us if you wish to withdraw your submission or you have received a competing offer.
If your submission meets our guidelines, we will be in touch as soon as we reach a decision.
What we are looking for:
• Women's Fiction
• Historical Fiction
• Romance
• Mystery
• Commercial literary fiction
• Thriller
• Suspense
• Traditional crime (i.e. 'cozies')
• Science Fiction
• Fantasy
• Horror
• Supernatural
• Young Adult

Due to a high volume of submissions we may not be able to get back to you within three months.  Please feel free to email and inquire about your manuscript.


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