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1. TAR is open to poetry on any subject written from any point of view and in any form. However, writers should expect their work to be considered within the full context of old and new poetry in English and other languages.
2. The amount of space TAR can devote to any one writer is usually limited to 5-6 pages at a maximum.
3. No more than 6-8 poems should be submitted at any one time. A preferable submission would be from 3-4 poems. Submitting more than 8 tends to conceal the merits of individual poems. The poet should also know, fairly clearly, what is or is not good work and send only that.
4. Poets should wait for response to a submission before submitting again.
PLEASE NOTE we do not accept submissions which have been previously published in any format.

1. Submission should be typed, double spaced, author's last name on each page, and can range in length from 500 to 3,000 words. Any submissions longer than 3,000 words are not likely to be accepted.
2. No more than 1 story should be sent at any one time. Writers should wait for a response before submitting again.
3. The Antigonish Review prefers not to consider fiction that has been submitted elsewhere (multiple submissions).
4. Normally we do not publish sections of novels and we do not publish plays or scripts.
5. We attempt to respond within two to four months.
PLEASE NOTE we do not accept submissions which have been previously published in any format.

Essays and Articles
Travel sketches, personal memoirs, writing about sports, culture, history, or other essays which fall under the general rubric of creative non-fiction, are welcome. Accompanying photographs may be considered.
Serious scholarly works, interviews with Canadian literati, and the like will be considered from time to time, but those too narrow in scope or written in specialized jargon are better placed in a targeted academic, refereed, or professional journal.
Most of the essays we publish run from 1000 to 4000 words.
We do not accept submissions which have been previously published in any format.
Please submit only one essay at a time.

Book Reviews
The Antigonish Review invites reviews of recent Canadian poetry, fiction and non-fiction; however, all material submitted must be original and previously unpublished.
'Recent' may extend back to a year in time; this is not that unusual for book reviews.
Reviews run roughly between 1,000 and 2,500 words. A reviewer might choose to review a single book, or a review of two-four books that invite connections.
Please note that we distinguish between 'book reviews' and 'review essays'.
We aim for balanced reviews - that is, strengths and criticisms. We reserve the right to reject reviews, or request revisions.
It is a good idea to consult several reviews in one of our recent issues. Our reviews tend to have a conversational, rather than academic tenor.
We are able to offer a modest honorarium per review. If you do not own a copy of the book you wish to review, let us know, and we will contact the publisher. However, we have a considerable number or books for review in our office. If you contact us to express interest in reviewing, we may well have a copy of the book on hand.
If you are interested in submitting a review for consideration, please contact and pitch us your review idea. We do not accept multi-submitted reviews.


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