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SHANTI ARTS PUBLISHING is devoted to producing beautiful and compelling books related to nature, art, and spirit.  View our catalog and you will see we publish books that cover a wide variety of topics and interests: nature, art, spirituality, family issues, memoir, travel, aging, and more. We publish both poetry and prose, fiction and non-fiction. We do not produce coffee-table books, and at the moment we are not accepting novels. Most of our books are distributed both in print and digital editions.  We work closely with our authors and artists, both on book production and marketing. The details:
1. There is no submission deadline. We review submissions as they come in.
2. We strongly encourage you to submit online. Please do not send submissions by email unless you've been asked to do so; we will not read them. Online submissions must be done through Submittable; the link may be found at the bottom of this page.
3. We will email you when we have made a decision regarding your submission or if we have questions. We generally respond within three months.
4. All decisions as to whether or not to publish your work are final.
5. A complete submission should include the following:
(a) a brief description of your book project;
(b) an outline of the book contents or annotated Table of Contents;
(c) the names of authors/editors/artists involved;
(d) a description of how the authors/editors/artists would help market and sell the book; and

(e) if you have art to be included, please send two or three sample images; or
(f) a description of the kind of art you think would work well.
If we are interested in your book project, we will contact you to request a manuscript in pdf format. You are also welcome to send your manuscript with your initial proposal, and in fact, most people do that. If your book is not yet complete, we will want to see a partial manuscript and may delay our final decision until a final manuscript is ready. Once we agree to consider publishing your book, we will prepare a contract.
If you have any questions, please let us know.


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