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Regular reading period: August 1st to January 31st.

Arts & Letters Proudly Nominates for:

The Pushcart Prize
Best New Poets
Best American Short Stories
Best American Essays
Best American Nonrequired Reading

We Accept Unsolicited Submissions of:

  • Poetry: 4-6 poems per submission (suggested)
  • Fiction: manuscripts up to 25 pages
  • Flash Fiction: 1-3 pieces per submission up to 1,000 words each
  • Creative Nonfiction: manuscripts up to 25 pages

General Submission Guidelines:

  • Send only one submission per genre at any one time. (In other words, submitting a short story and an essay at the same time is fine, but please wait to hear from us before submitting another story.)
  • All submissions must be typed and all prose double-spaced.
  • Average notification time for acceptance is 8-12 weeks.
  • Upload each entry as one document. We accept doc, docx, txt, pdf and rtf files.
  • Simultaneous submissions are fine; just please let us know right away if your work is accepted elsewhere.
  • To withdraw only part of your submission (such as a single poem), log into Submittable, go to “My Submissions,” click on your submission to Arts & Letters, and send us a message explaining which part of your submission you are withdrawing.
  • Although you may withdraw your submission at any time, the fee is nonrefundable.
NOTE: We no longer accept print submissions. Print submissions will be recycled without response. 

Why the fee?

Online submissions are quick, easy, and efficient. For the convenience of online submission we charge a $3 fee (about the cost of submitting by post), part of which goes to support the online platform. The rest directly supports the journal’s editorial and production costs (including contributor payment).

Payment Upon Acceptance:

$10 per printed page (minimum payment: $50), and one contributor copy, plus a one year subscription. Arts & Letters is published twice a year, in Spring and Fall.


The reading period for the Arts & Letters prize contest is February 1 – March 31.
The reading period for the Arts & Letters Unclassifiable Contest is May 1 – July 31.
If you have further questions, feel free to ask.

Note to Foreign Nationals: An honorarium paid to a foreign national is subject to 30% tax withholding unless a tax treaty applies. The following information outlines who is eligible to receive an honorarium:
  • B-1 or B-2 visa holder provided the individual meets the conditions of the Honorarium Rule*.
  • VWB (Visa Waiver Business) or VWT (Visa Waiver Tourist) provided the individual meets the conditions of the Honorarium Rule*.
  • J-1 scholars at Georgia College or from another university if permitted by the sponsoring institution.
  • H1-B, E3, TN and O-1 visa holders may receive an honorarium only if they are sponsored by Georgia College, in which case, the payment must be processed through payroll.
*Honorarium rule: Foreign nationals in B-1, B-2, VWB, and VWT status may accept an honorarium under the following conditions:
  1. The services being conducted are for the benefit of Georgia College.
  2. The activities at Georgia College will last no more than nine (9) days.
  3. The individual has not accepted honoraria (and incidental expenses in the case of a B-2 visitor) from more than five (5) Institutions or organizations in the previous six (6) months.

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