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Canelo finds the best commercial storytelling and brings it to the widest possible audience – but with a new and fairer deal for authors. It takes the vibrant digital market seriously and isn’t afraid to innovate.
Everything we do is informed not just by best practices, but a willingness to look afresh at the publishing process. We always want to do better for our writers.
We publish compulsively readable books with boldness, confidence and expertise.

Our Approach

We collaborate closely with authors and pay careful attention to each book.
We prioritise high quality and detailed editing. Canelo’s cover designers are industry leaders in the field – and we always share cover briefs with authors.
We advertise on all the major web platforms and have spent years understanding how metadata affects sales. We work closely with retailers and have strong relationships with the leading book PR agencies. We’ve had numerous Bookbub promotions, Kindle Monthly Deals and category #1s.
At Canelo we never rest easy. Everything from price to copy is regularly reassessed. We are constantly looking to improve, and to capitalise on all opportunities.

Our Offer

We believe writers deserve a better deal. That’s why we founded Canelo.
Here’s what makes us different:
  • An initial 5-year license term on all our books, rather than for the life of copyright as with most publishers
  • Royalties starting at 50% and going up to 60% of all receipts, with absolutely no deductions
  • Cutting-edge book marketing, to include the offer of a mobile-ready website and a guaranteed advertising spend
  • A promise to submit every title for at least one major retail promotion
  • In-house ebook creation with optimised metadata and bespoke digital design to produce beautiful, high-quality ebooks

What We’re Looking For

We publish great books with gripping narratives, memorable characters and popular appeal.
You can find more detail on our Submissions page, as well as details on how to submit your work to us.


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