Midnight Hour

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We are always looking for dark fiction so please feel free to submit to our projects!  Below are all the projects that are in open submission periods.  We are taking multiple submissions for each project.  Please double check the guidelines before sending us your work.  If you are looking for payment compensation, then make sure you are submitting to a project that offers payment.   Each project is different and offers different compensation, so again please make sure you know what you're submitting to.   Below is an outline of our general guidelines.

​What we like:  
  • Supernatural horror (monsters, ghosts, witchcraft, ect.)
  • Neo-noire (murder, conspiracy, mystery)
  • Urban settings (not a must, but it catches our attention)
  • Speculative Fiction (dark dystopian themes)
  • Cyberpunk themes
What we aren't looking for:  If your story utilizes any of these tropes then we can't publish it no matter how good it is!  It's not that we hate these themes, it's just not what we're looking to publish!
  • No vampires
  • No Werewolves
  • No Zombies
  • No Cthulhu Mythos


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