Electric Athenaeum

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Fiction Guidelines
Word Limit: 3,000 words minimum, 10,000words maximum
Pay Rate: 50GBP per story
Genre: We are open to any genre of speculative fiction, so long as the story contains a strong imaginative thread.
Theme:InHumanity (more detail below)
Language: English (translations are welcome, as are submissions from authors worldwide)
Rights: We purchase first world electronic text rights.
InHumanity (theme): What is it like inside the mind of a being that is not–and never has been–human? How might morality and conscience change with different biologies and non-human societies? How does the binary thought of Artificial Intelligence differ from our own? If a society of beings are obligate carnivores, what impact might that have on the morals developed by their culture?
The Inhumanity issue of Electric Athenaeum seeks to explore these and other questions, and, in the process, question those aspects of the human experience that we may take for granted. Challenge the assumptions we hold about what it means to be human. This issue seeks to explore what it is to NOT be human, and, by extension and contrast, what that perspective can offer to our thoughts on what it means to be human.
Show us alien societies grounded in truly different thought processes. Take us inside the dreams of an artificial intelligence. Explore the deepest implications of an immortal elvish society, or the courting rituals of a polyamorous orcish culture.
Show us what it means to be (in)human.


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