Bloodhound Books

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Bloodhound Books are renowned in the industry for publishing high quality commercial fiction. Our dedicated team of industry professionals have a real passion for working closely with our authors to create the very best books. Our unique and personal approach has helped debut and bestselling authors across the world achieve outstanding success.

Before submitting, please read the guidelines below carefully.

What we do:

  • Professionally edit, proofread and format your book.
  • Involve you with the cover design.
  • Produce high quality ebook and print versions of your titles.
  • Work with a top agency to sell film and foreign rights.
  • Advertise and market your book on social media, Amazon, and many other online platforms.
  • Provide comprehensive blog tours for each title.
  • Promote your book to our huge mailing list of crime readers.
  • Provide support and advice leading up to and after publication.
  • Provide advance copies to our reviewer group.


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