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Leading Edge is a science fiction and fantasy magazine that publishes the work of people from all over the world. We are always accepting submissions, especially short stories. There are a few rules, so please read through our submissions guidelines before sending us your work. We look forward to seeing your submission soon!

General Guidelines

As with any publication, Leading Edge Magazine will not tolerate plagiarism in any form. If you submit plagiarized work, your work will be rejected and your name and email will be flagged for any future submissions.
In addition, Leading Edge does not accept previously published pieces.
Leading Edge is affiliated with and run through Brigham Young University; written and visual submissions must conform with the BYU Honor Code. This includes no nudity, sex, profanity, excessive violence, belittlement of traditional family values or religion, or drug use. More specifics can be found on the Honor Code website. Please note that while we may tolerate a small extent of this content in the submission stage because it can be taken out in the editing stage, excessive disregard for the Honor Code in a submission will send your work to the rejection pile. To get a feel for the work we accept, please purchase a copy of Leading Edge to survey.


To submit a short story, please send an email with either “Submission” or the story title in the subject line. Please include your name, the title of the story, the word count, and a brief description of the story in the body of the email. Please attach your story as a Word document titled with only the name of your story. (This allows us to leave feedback on your story and keeps it from getting lost in our server.) Send us one submission per email.  Including multiple submissions in the same email, submitting documents named something other than the story title (including author names, dates, or “final version” notes), or submitting other document formats could result in our system not recognizing a submission, lost stories, and delayed feedback.
Stories should be at least 1,000 words. Submissions less than 10,000 words are preferred, though we will consider stories up to 15,000 words. Because Leading Edge is interested in helping new authors improve, each story is critiqued by at least two members of our staff; these comment sheets are returned to the author with our response. If you do not want your story critiqued, please let us know.
Fiction payment is 1 cent per word, $10.00 minimum, $50.00 maximum.
Submit to: fiction@leadingedgemagazine.com


We look for strongly-themed Sci-Fi or Fantasy poetry that also reflects literary value, good taste, and popular appeal. Any submission that does not fit this criteria will not be considered for publication.
To submit a poem, please attach the submission in a .doc or .docx file (PDF documents will only be considered for poems with special visual elements) and email it in with your name and the poem’s title in the body of the email. You may include up to five poems per submission. Do not just type your poem into the body of the email; these will not be considered for publication.
We accept simultaneous submissions, but please send a reply email to your original submission to let us know if one of your poems is no longer available. We would love to help out new poets that are interested in feedback, so please let us know if you want feedback on your poem in the body of the email.
Payment for poetry ranges from $5.00 to $20.00.
Submit to: poetry@leadingedgemagazine.com


Pieces are to be kept under 5,000 words. Nonfiction pieces will not be critiqued, so you will not receive feedback on your work. We accept nonfiction such as book reviews and essays pertaining to the science fiction and/or fantasy genres. For example, an essay about how dragons have been portrayed in movies and books would be accepted, while a personal essay about a trip to Africa would not. 
Payment will be discussed if your work is accepted for publication. 
Submit to: nonfiction@leadingedgemagazine.com


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