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We only accept submissions via email. We really try to respond to every submission, and aim to do so in about six weeks but if you do not hear from us I’m afraid this means that we do not feel that your work is suitable for us and we will delete your personal information from our system. Just because it’s not for us doesn’t mean it’s not for anyone, and you should continue to try other agents.

We haven’t got time to acknowledge receipt of emails, and, sorry, but we won’t take any action when we receive a bounce back so please ensure you’re submitting from a functioning email address.


We’d like to know who you are and why you’re in touch with us.


Please email a synopsis and the full manuscript as separate attachments formatted in Word. Other formats make us sigh and slow down our response time. Please label your attachment with the title and your name rather than ‘sample’ or ‘first_three_chapters. Picture book authors, we’d ideally like to see up to three finished texts but one is fine. From non-fiction authors, a CV, three-page proposal and market analysis.


We’d like to see a portfolio of a dozen or so images in either Jpeg or PDF format of up to 5MB in size. Please don’t worry about resolution – we’re used to looking at artwork in low resolution. We want to see your portfolio now, rather than follow links to websites or file transfer sites like dropbox.

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