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We are always happy to hear from authors or editors who are considering writing a new book. We publish in nursing, health and social care, and our books are generally clear and concise textbooks for undergraduates. However, we also have some books at post-graduate and post-registration level, and we will consider all proposals in the field if we think they fit with our list and we can do justice to them.

Lantern provides authors with:

  • individual attention throughout the writing period – the personal attention that only a small committed and knowledgeable team can provide
  • timely publication – typically four months from receipt of manuscript to publication
  • high quality production – we take real pride in our products and understand the value in striving for perfection
  • experience – the Lantern team have spent 35+ years developing, producing and selling nursing, health and social care books for the UK and worldwide market

Submitting a proposal

To consider your idea for a new book, we will need to see a detailed proposal and some sample content. Your proposal should address the points outlined below; if you would like to use our book proposal form please contact Peter Oates.

Target Audience

Who are you writing this book for? This section of your proposal should address in detail the level of the reader, e.g. 1st year undergraduate, upper-level undergraduate, MSc students. For textbooks, you should provide typical course titles for which the book would be required or recommended reading.


At present, where do members of your target audience look for the information that will be contained in your book? If the current source is an existing book, try to provide title / author / publisher / year of publication information and then describe the distinctive features that will ensure the target audience buys your book in preference.


What are the aims of your book and why is there currently a need for it? Are new courses appearing for which there are no existing books? Is a new approach or curriculum replacing an existing one, making previous books redundant?


How will the book be structured? Try to provide a chapter listing with a short section of descriptive text to define the scope of each chapter.


Provide an estimate of how large you expect your book to be when published, i.e. the number of words or pages required, plus numbers of figures (line and photographs). Please indicate if there is any necessity for colour. Is there a price point that the book should not exceed? Does the book need to be large format, or would pocket-sized be better? Do you have a title and sub-title in mind?


Who will all the authors be and what makes them suitable to write this particular book? Copies of your current curriculum vitae and those of any colleagues who will be writing with you are a real help.

In addition to internal review at Lantern, your proposal will be passed on to independent external reviewers in the relevant field who will be asked to comment on its content and relevance to the proposed audience. These comments will be sent to you and, if necessary, you will be asked to respond to them and / or to amend the proposal.

Lantern likes to get involved as early as possible in new book ideas so that we can help make your idea a reality. If you would like to discuss your idea before preparing a full proposal, then please contact Peter Oates.
Tel: + 44 (0) 1242 253002

Please send your completed proposal to:

Peter Oates
Lantern Publishing Limited
2 Robinia Close
Charlton Kings
GL53 8PR



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