Deadstar Publishing

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We publish short story compilations, novels, comics and graphic novels and accept submissions for all of these things. Our focus is on horror, fantasy, modern fantasy, historical fantasy and science fiction and submissions should be sent to
Below are our guidelines for artists, authors and teams as well as a breakdown on what we like to see in a submission.
If we decide to take a piece we will issue a contract to all parties who will be involved in the production of a work, and payment is usually made on a royalties system with pay-outs in January and July of each year. We’ve been asked many times over the years so feel it is worth clarifying: we are not a vanity press and will not charge creators to publish their works. For pieces that we choose to publish we cover all overheads including editing, production, distribution and marketing (though with the nature of marketing these days, creators who assist in marketing efforts are always welcome).
For creators that wish to arrange their own events or distribute their works we will make their titles available for purchase at a reduced price – but it is not a condition of publication that creators buy copies of their work.
We read through, and reply, to everything that is sent to us so please bear in mind that it may take some time for us to respond to your submission. We aim to respond within 90 days but during busier periods this can be longer.


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