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Briarpatch Magazine publishes writing and artwork on a wide range of topics, including current events, grassroots activism, electoral politics, economic justice, ecology, labour, food security, gender equity, indigenous struggles, international solidarity, and other issues of political importance.
We welcome pitches from unpublished writers, seasoned freelancers, front-line activists, and anyone else with a story to tell and a desire to tell it compellingly. We ask that you research your topic thoroughly, back up your expressed opinions with verifiable facts and persuasive arguments, interview a range of relevant sources as the topic requires, and hold on to relevant documentation for fact-checking purposes. Briarpatch seeks to explore complex issues in everyday language — please write for a progressive, non-specialist audience that may not necessarily share your assumptions or opinions. Include a short (one- or two-sentence) biography at the end of your article.
We’ve compiled a guide to pitching Briarpatch. Please take a look at what we look for before you submit a query.

Unsolicited submissions are welcome, but we encourage you to first send us a pitch. Your pitch should outline what ground your contribution will cover and demonstrate your writing style and tone. Please include your contact information, an estimated word count, a list of recent publications (if applicable), and a short writing sample.

Send your pitches/submissions to pitch AT Pitch early, Pitch often; we’ll try to get back to you within a week or two following the query deadline for the issue you wish to write for.

We aim to reply to every pitch – including those we reject. However, because of time constraints, this isn’t always possible. If you don’t hear back from us within three weeks following the query deadline that you submitted a pitch for, please assume that we won’t be accepting your pitch. Feel free to pitch us again, however!

If your work is accepted for publication, you can expect to participate in an intensive, collaborative editing process until consensus is reached between yourself and the editor on a final draft. On average, be prepared to take your submission through two or three rewrites over the course of a month.
Our standard rates of pay are as follows:
  • $100 – Profiles, short essays, reviews, blog posts, and parting shots (generally <1500 words)
  • $200 – Feature stories, photo essays (generally 1500-2500 words)
  • $300 – Research-based articles and investigative reportage with extensive primary research (generally 2500-3000 words)

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