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Please read these guidelines thoroughly before submitting.  Submissions that do not meet these guidelines will not be responded to.
What We Publish
We only publish articles and eBooks about various aspects of writing and publishing. Most of what we publish is specific and focused on a particular aspect of publishing, such as agent or publisher reviews.

We pay between $25 and $50 per article. Most of our articles are between 250-1200 words in length.
We also pay $500 dollars for eBooks around 10,000 words.
What We Don’t Publish
We DO NOT publish creative writing. This means NO poetry, NO memoir, and NO fiction. We will not respond to these submissions.
We are NOT interested in any articles about freelance writing.
We also DO NOT publish reprints. The article you submit to us can not have been previously published on your blog or in another magazine. We ask for exclusive rights to publish your article, but after six months the rights revert to you. However, we ask that Authors Publish always be credited as the first publisher.

How to Submit to Us

To submit, send an email to You can submit a pitch of an unwritten article in the body of an email. The pitch should be no longer than 70 words in length. If you are submitting a full article you can attach the article as a .doc, .docx, or .rtf file.
You can also copy and paste the article into the body of the email. The subject of the email should include the proposed title of the article and your full name. In the body of the email, include your full name and a short 50 word bio.
Here’s an overview of what we are currently looking for:

Feature Articles About Writing and Publishing

We are particularly interested in articles about how authors can promote their writing or build their careers. We are interested in articles about traditional and self publishing. This includes articles about agents, publishers, and conferences. We occasionally publish articles about the mechanics of writing.
We pay between 25 and 30 dollars for these articles and they tend to be under 800 words in length.
Here are some examples of the types of articles we like to publish:

Special Issue Articles

Special issue articles are longer and on a topic that appeals to a wide range of authors generally. These articles are sent out on their own, so they should be able to get the attention of a wide range of readers.
Special issue articles should be around 1000 words in length.
We prefer detailed pitches of at least 50 words for special issue articles.
Past successful special issue articles include:


We pay around $500 for all eBooks we publish, plus possible additional money from sales (our eBooks are initially given away for free), and new editions. eBooks should be at least 10,000 words in length.
Most of our eBook contributors publish articles with us before pitching eBooks. Our most successful eBooks include Submit Publish Repeat and The 2017 Guide to Manuscript Publishers.

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