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Freelance Poet - The University of Exeter

The University of Exeter Closing date: Wed, 10 May 2023

Artform: Literature
Role: Creative
Contract: Contract
South West
  • Part time
  • £40k-£50k

published - Tue, 25 Apr 2023

Job Summary

Freelance poet required for the poetry element of an Ecological Sound trail around Streatham Campus, The University of Exeter. The role will involve working with students to write a poetic response to biodiversity hotspots and a commission to write and record a new poem.

Job Description


The University of Exeter is committed to taking meaningful action against the climate emergency and ecological crisis, working with our partners and communities.

The Ecological Sound Trail is one of many projects, which the University's Sustainability Team aims to deliver to raise awareness of these issues to all who use and visit our campuses.

The self-guided Sound Trail will highlight circa seven areas of Streatham Campus, capturing its biodiversity and will be both visually and aurally delivered.

It will include:

  • a map of the Ecological Sound Trail
  • new bespoke signs with natural history facts about wildlife etc.

  • a QR code linking to a website page with images and facts

  • a recorded poetic response by a professional poet on the website

  • a recorded poetic response by students working with the poet also on the website

  • recorded sounds of nature such as birdsong

We invite applications from published freelance poets with experience of working in a community/educational setting, for the poetry element of the Ecological Sound Trail.

The role will involve working with students to write a poetic response to biodiversity hotspots which will form part of the trail. The poet will also be commissioned to write their own poem; paid reflective time is included in the fee.

It involves a familiarisation walk, 2 x 2 hour workshops and a recording session, ideally spaced at intervals within a three week period. The workshops will be at the end of May/ June. All work needs to be invoiced for by July 31.

The fee is £3,000 (incl: VAT) on a freelance basis (in addition travel expenses can be claimed for).

Job Requirements

Skills and Experience:

We are looking for a published freelance poet who has:

  • experience of working with young people in an educational or workshop setting

  • a passion for the environment

  • experience of working with spoken word/recorded poetry

  • availability to deliver workshops May/June 2023

  • ability to deliver and invoice for work by 31 July 2023

  • Ability to work and act in a manner which is professional and inclusive in terms of equality and diversity in all dealings with students and staff

Job Responsibilities

  • Write at least one poem (c.25 lines), inspired by at least one of the sites on campus to be published on the Sustainability website
  • Record the poem (to be arranged by the Project Manager).
  • Be on site in the pre-scheduled days for activities as agreed with the Project Manager
  • Lead a familiarisation walk around campus with students getting to know the hotspots and helping them choose which one to write about. The Poet will be accompanied by a member of the Grounds Team who will be able to talk about the wildlife
  • Run 2x 2 hour workshops in May/June with students where you will encourage and support them in writing their own poem
  • Liaise with the Project Manager in advance of the workshops and prepare material before coming onto campus
  • Agree to participate in any publicity around the Sound Trail
  • Complete all work and invoice by 31 July

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Job Overview

  • Job Title: Freelance Poet - The University of Exeter
  • Salary: £40k-£50k (pro-rata)
  • Hours: Part time
  • Artform: Literature
  • Role: Creative
  • Contract: Contract
  • Closing date: Wed, 10 May 2023
  • Location:
    South West
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