Tree and Stone

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We accept only original works of speculative and literary fiction in English. Reprints are not accepted at this time.

Payment Rates:

< 1,000 words: $0.02 per word via PayPal.
1,000-6,000 words: $20 honorarium via PayPal (hope to increase this one day).

Simultaneous submissions are accepted and encouraged, but please inform us immediately if the story is accepted elsewhere. Multiple submissions are also welcome. If your story is rejected, please feel free to send another story. A previously rejected story will only be reconsidered if substantive changes are made (you can be the judge of “substantive”).

Response time may vary. We try to decide within 30 days. If you have not heard from us after 60 days, please email us. An email confirmation should arrive after submission. If not, please email us to make sure it was received!

Please submit all stories as doc. or docx. only in the Standard Manuscript Format (Shunn; this is not strict, but please follow as best as you can).

Please include a short third person bio so we can get to know you and to go with the piece should it be accepted.

Rights: We ask for one time non-exclusive serial rights and indefinite electronic archival rights. All rights revert to the author upon publication.  


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