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Contest Now Open!

Write 1000 words of engaging FICTION or CNF based on the following prompt:

. . . WHO I WAS, BEFORE THIS . . .

Contestants can include the prompt anywhere within the text, except as a title. Titles must be original. Contestants may also omit the prompt entirely, provided that the text clearly uses it as the main inspiration.


$600 for winner in each category.

Group 1 – Fiction: Contestants are advised to treat the prompt as a useful device for highlighting a character’s development arc.

Group 2 – CNF: We would like to read short personal essays about transformation, transformative events or big decisions.

Contestants may enter one or both categories. If entering both categories, please submit a separate work to each, one fiction and one creative non-fiction. If entering only one category, contestants may submit two works to that category.


Please submit all entries/requests via email:

Type [Group 1] or [Group 2] in the email subject line, accordingly. A maximum of two files may be attached to an email. Include any relevant contact information or personal details in the body of the email.


A limited number of bursaries for entry are available on request until September 1st. We consider and grant requests as they arrive so it is advisable to apply early.

Student concession is $5 per entry.

Standard entry fee is $10 per entry.

Click To Pay Fee Via PayPal

DEADLINE: September 18th 2022

RESULTS: By November 3rd 2022

Term(ite)s and Conditions:

Contestants agree to allow Sleek City Press one-time publication rights for part or whole digital reproduction of winning entries.



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