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1st prize £250, 2nd prize £100, Highly commended £40
Judges: Gillian Clarke (National Poet of Wales, 2008–16)
and Emeritus Professor Tony Brown, Co-director of the R S Thomas Research Centre, Bangor University.

Entrants should write a poem in direct response to one of the given quotations from the work of R S Thomas.
Reference may be made to the whole poem from which the quotation comes.

At break of day behold him, alone with his few
Hedge-shorn yearlings and his bitch at heel,
A scarecrow of a man, becalmed in the unreal
Tides of light, with his cracked lips askew.
('Welsh Shepherd', Uncollected Poems, p. 31)

And the thought comes
of that other being who is awake, too,
letting our prayers break on him,
not like this for a few hours,
but for days, years, for eternity.
('The Other', Collected Poems, p. 457)

Where has God gone? The mind's branches
are empty and without
song. Their leaves are encrusted
with town dust.
('The Lesson', Uncollected Poems, p. 143)

[…] looking at
me, say what time it is
on love's face, for we have
no business here other than
to disprove certainties the clock knows.
('Countering', Poems to Elsi, p. 56)

Poets are invited to submit one or two unpublished poems of no more than 30 lines or equivalent, typewritten if possible.

Entrance fee: £10 for one poem £15 for two poems cheques payable to St Michael's Church.
Please send three copies of each poem (only one with your name on), together with entrance fee, your address, email address and telephone number to: Mrs. A. Major, Heisterbach, Furnace, Machynlleth, SY20 8PG (anita.heisterbach@gmail.com) 


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