Dreamers Flash Fiction and Nonfiction Contest

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Dreamers Flash Fiction and Nonfiction Contest

Submit a fiction or nonfiction story of between 300 and 1000 words for your chance to win! The winner will receive $150 CAD and 2 print copies of the Dreamers magazine (1 print, 1 electronic).  

In a flash story, it’s important to make every word count. Keep the idea of movement in mind and stay focused on propelling the story forward – concentrate on the hook, the climax, and the conclusion. And remember, although it's very short, it's still a story and as such, it should have all the standard elements of a story - plot, character, conflict, etc.

Submit 1 story per entry; enter as many times as you want. 

The winning story will be published online and in print in our fall 2022 magazine!

We will select up to 3 honourable mentions (at the Editors sole discretion) that will be published online. Each runner-up will be paid our standard $20 CAD honorarium.  

Entry Fee:
$12.50 USD (approximately $15.00 CAD). Entry fee includes Dreamers eMagazine Spring 2020 Edition. 


  • Due date: September 30, 2022
  • Submit 300 to 1000 words of fiction or nonfiction. 
  • We are looking for unpublished, original writing (previous publication on a personal blog is fine).
  • By accepting publication, you grant Dreamers Creative Writing non-exclusive electronic and print publication rights, including the right to publish on our website, in our archives and anthologies, and in our magazine. 
  • Authors retain copyright and may republish following publication on www.dreamerswriting.com. Dreamers asks for exclusivity for 30 days.  


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