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I will be accepting up to 200 Prose works (Fiction or non-fiction, and memoir) (between 500 words and 1000 words, no more, no less) and poems (between 10 – 25 lines) that fit the Zooanthology theme.

For this anthology, an animal is anything that isn't human. I'm looking for non-fiction, fiction, memoirs and poems about that ONE animal in your life, or that you imagined, dreamt of (or had nightmares about), that deserves to be written about and should be shared with the entire world. Your submission can be a pet, past or present, an animal that chose you or a member of your family as its human, but I’m also seeking those occasions of a singular moment with a chance encounter with an animal – like on a farm, at the zoo, in the ocean, trekking through the woods, or on safari. I want prose works and poems that are engaging, heartwarming or heart pounding, works that will produce tears or bring out loud guffaws, terrify me or teach me something about animal conservation, totally true or totally made up, and creatively written.

Paste your prose work or poem in the body of the email along with the bio and photo caption. NO ATTACHMENTS


If you have a 300 dpi .jpg or .png image that is connected to your written work with you or a family member or friend with that animal somewhere in the picture (both A REAL PERSON and the ANIMAL must be in it), send it as an attachment along with a caption included in the email. If you are sending an image: INCLUDE THE CAPTION AT THE VERY END OF YOUR EMAIL. Include in the caption your name or the name of the person in the photo (and anyone else in the photo), the other person's relationship to you, the animal's name (or type of animal) and where the photo was taken.

ANY GENRE (Except Erotica) is accepted. Any prose work or poem that depicts violence toward any animal will be rejected without notice! It shouldn’t have to be said, but no racism, homophobia, misogyny, ageism, child abuse or anything with a religious or overtly political theme.

PREVIOUSLY UNPUBLISHED WORK ONLY. Simultaneous submissions are fine, but if your story is accepted somewhere else, please let me know.

Only ONE prose work or poem should be submitted.

Put the title above the story or poem and how you want your name to be published in the anthology below the title (your byline). Like this:



Include at the end of your story or poem a bio of no more than 40 words.

Submit your story or poem to In the subject line put ZOO (just the word ZOO – read that again, please) ZOO

Deadline for submissions, August 30, 2022 . Anthology Publication is scheduled for October 1, 2022.

NOTE: If I accept 200 Stories before August 30 1, I will close the submissions early.

I reserve the right to edit for spelling corrections and change any word not written using American English without notifying the author. I will not alter the structure or language in any story, for any reason. If I reject it I will tell you the reason why. I respond quickly for both acceptances and rejections. You retain the rights to your story.

There is no payment or compensation for your submitted/published work, including I do not send out free copies. Being published in a Sweetycat Press anthology is a nice addition to your writing resume (and on your book shelves). There is no fee for submitting your work. You are not expected to buy a copy and submissions are open to everyone, regardless of ability to purchase a copy. 100% of the proceeds go into the publication of the next anthology. All Sweetycat Press anthologies are sold on Amazon, print and Kindle.



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