2023 Golden Hare Award for Scottish Flash Fiction

 Full details 

Open to anyone over 16 years living or studying in Scotland

Deadline 31 August

The £500 Golden Hare Award is given to the top story entered in the Edinburgh Flash Fiction Awards by anyone over 16 years who is living or studying in Scotland. Stories can be on any topic up to 250 words. To apply for the Golden Hare Award simply enter your story in the Edinburgh Award for Flash Fiction and on the entry form, tick the box that asks if you are living or studying in Scotland.

Winners of the Golden Hare Award

Taenia Saginata’s last words by Andrew Gardiner - Golden Hare Winner 2022

Just ca’ me Tina if it’s ony easier. We’re a’ genders thegither here. Ma pronoun’s  ‘they’ so it is.

Ma life’s been absorbin’ but noo ma number’s up. I always aimed tae avoid harmin’ yous. Hurtin’ folk (or the coos, placid beasts, that yous eat) is no’ what am aboot. We ken this well enough, us tape wurms, it’s in oor genes. We never intend tae harm, that’s the difference wi’ us. But now am hurt so a’ am. Mortal hurt.

Lookin’ back, ma life’s been in sections: the grass section, coo section, and noo the in-yer-gut section. Things go roun an’ roun. I was a chip aff the auld block, we a’ were, a’ 2000 o’ us wee nippers. Pros frae the start, we already knew whit tae dae in life — nae choice, y’see. There was a youthfu’ spell o’ independent dauners seekin’ greener pasture, but the final destination was aye the same. We’re predestined, nae escape. It was jist a question o’ gettin’ stuck in tae yer work, inside a’ the while.

The food processin’ business! But it wasnae all tak, tak, tak. It’s mair subtle than that, cosy even. We coorie doon inside yer guts an’ gie sumthin back — fine tunin’ yer immune cells, increasin’ yer tolerance. We grow attached tae ye, ken?

Noo it’s a’ unravellin’. Am finished. Am poisoned. Am losing ma grip on ye, and ye’re ma whole life so ye are. Without ye, am a goner. Will ye mourn me?



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