EcoSanta Short Story Competition 2022

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Unsolicited comments from authors about the EcoSanta Short Story Competition 2020/2021

Simon Nadir:  Great to see all the ways you are trying to make a difference.
Sarah Mills:  I really enjoyed writing this story and hope others will enjoy it too!
Charise de Becker:  This was a wonderful theme and a pleasure to write for.
Isla Robertson:  I thought this was an absolutely brilliant idea for a competition and hope you get a lot of great entries.  It’s a really good idea to promote and I wish you all the very best with it.
Fay Dickinson:  As a member of Greenpeace since the 1980’s, it is good to hear of projects, such as your EcoSanta Story Competition, designed to foster environmental awareness at a young age.
Ross Collins MacKay:  I really love the idea and enjoyed the challenge.  I hope you get some fabulous entries this year.  I hope you have many wonderful joyous responses to your lovely idea of an EcoSanta.
Joseph Dodd:  I think it’s a fantastic concept and such a great theme to explore.

General guidelines:
With most writing competitions, the goal is to find the winners. The EcoSanta Short Story Competition differs in one important way.  It is a hunt for ways forward into a global society and culture that is as self-sustaining as is the Earth and nature. It uses Christmas magic, the bonhomie, generous-heartedness, gift-giving and fellow-feeling associated with the festive season to bring this vision into being.
In looking back to go forward, we access the intergenerational link.  Santa's origins are as Patron of Children. So the set-up for his new role in today’s world as the Children’s Ecological Champion was in place right from the start!  Of itself, Santa's own life-story and evolution is one that is coming full circle.
Each year, Ecologisers refine the guidelines for this competition to help writers get on-track with EcoSanta's real potential as the Children's Ecological Champion. 
The theme for the 2022 EcoSanta Short Story Competition is:  How EcoSanta makes the transition to this new identity of becoming the Children's Ecological Champion in everyone's mind.
What does he do?  How does this happen?  Is it something EcoSanta does himself?  Is a child or children responsible for EcoSanta's meteoric rise to the top of the Global Eco-Heroes tree?  Or does some outside agency cause a magical transformation of the public image of dear old Santa?  You decide!  Don't make it too easy for EcoSanta!  Otherwise there will be no exciting story to tell!

Terms & conditions:

1 The EcoSanta themed Short Story Competition opens on June 1st 2022.

2  The closing date for entries is November 30th 2022.

3 Short stories of up to 1,000 words are eligible.

4  Entries, by email only, as an attachment, to

5  Author's details, in the body of the email.

6  A fee of £5 per entry, payable below.

7  A prize of £100 will be awarded to the winner.

Good luck!



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