Time Travelers Contest


How to participate

Writing contest theme

The theme of this contest is "Time travel". We chose this theme because it's broad enough to include all genres and fuel your creativity.

To respect the theme of the contest, the main character or characters of your entry must go through a change of temporality and must have a significant impact on the plot. This change must occur in the story before the end of the fourth chapter and must be mentioned in your book description.

How to join the contest

Authors, to publish a new book for the contest:

  1. 1 - Go on Neopload by clicking on the button below, "Submit a story"
  2. 2 - Log in/Sign up, then click on "Add your book" button
  3. 3 - On your book page, don’t forget to select "Time travelers contest" in the provided menu

Readers, log in or create an account on Neovel, comment your reads & vote for your favorites entries.

How to win prizes

You are an author:

The big winner will be elected by our jury among the authors of the 5 most-voted books of the contest. In case of a tie, we will keep the books that have reached the key vote first.

Contestants will be judged on the overall quality of their entry, their appropriation of the theme and the jury’s personal liking.

You are a reader:

Our authors love comments and feedback from their readers. To encourage this form of interaction, we reward readers who help our authors improve.

The readers who posts the most “relevant” comments will be rewarded. A comment that we deem “relevant” is a comment that was liked by the author or by another reader.


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