ALCS Educational Writers' Award

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e Authors' Licensing and Collecting Society Award for Educational Writers is awarded to an outstanding example of traditionally published non-fiction that stimulates and enhances learning. Total prize money £2,000.

The 2022 Prize will close for submissions on
10 June 2022

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Important Information

  • The work to be a single-volume, non-fiction (with or without illustrations), of genuine merit, for the 11-18 age group.
  • The work to have been first published in the UK, in the English language.
  • The work to have been published within the previous two calendar years, i.e. 2020 and 2021


Last year's winner 

Sometimes I feel by Sarah Maycock

Published by Big Picture Press, Sometimes I Feel explores common but complex emotions – including bravery, timidness, curiosity and happiness – through a collection of animal similies and poetic prose, accompanied by beautiful paintings of animals which embody each emotion.





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